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When Will the Article Appear?

That's a good and reasonable question. I wish I had an equally good and reasonable answer—but I don't. Sorry.

My best answer is a solid and unequivocal: it depends.

Here's why:

Once I submit an article, it's up to the editor to select a publication date and time. I have absolutely no control over this process.

The editor may decide to publish the article immediately, or at some point in the near future. Sometimes, a piece is held back for a special issue, to coincide with a scheduled event (such as an anniversary or conference) or to prevent a conflict with a similar story. Occasionally, the editor assigns too many articles and my story has to wait its turn in the queue.

In some rare cases, the article never sees the light of day. The editor, or another editor, may decide that the story isn't good enough, is too similar to a previously published story or, for some reason, doesn't fit the publication's needs. The story is killed.

That stinks (for both you and me).

I appreciate all the kind help I receive from subject matter experts. I literally can't do my job without your assistance. I know you have made a considerable effort, and spent a lot of valuable time, answering my questions. You deserve to see your insights published as soon as possible.

If I could wave a magic wand that would make editors publish my stories immediately upon receipt, I would use it so liberally that I would ultimately require
Tommy John surgery on my elbow.

But, alas, I have no such magic wand. So you and I must both sit and wait. In the meantime, watch this
video of an adorable group of otters chasing a butterfly.

Incidentally, whenever I discover that one of my articles has been published, I share the link on my Twitter feed: